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Java / C++ Analyst

We are currently looking for Java and/or C++ Analysts for an European projetc located in Nice, France, to work directly within client's staff.


We are looking for enthusiastic, openminded specialists willing to work in a multicultural environment.


Those are the profiles we are looking for:

  • C++ Candidates:
    • Context:
      • Departure Control System includes back-end processing as well as a new Front End to be deployed in Airports. Its functionally is split into two main components:
      • Customer Management or CM: This is the functional area, which controls the delivery of the products to the Customers. It includes check-in and customer related activities such as baggage management, document printing and boarding.
      • Flight Management or FM (load control, weight and balance, departure plan management): This is the functional area responsible for administering all aircraft related activities in DCS. It creates a Flight Plan that will govern all activities necessary to ensure smooth operation of a flight.
    • Technical Skills:
      • C++ expertise, including familiarity with STL, Templates and exception handling.
      • With Java Swing GUI development expertise as well.
      • Strong Unix and shell programming skills.
      • Experience of Oracle RDMBS system, especially within OLTP environment, experience of tuning and optimization.
      • Experience of Perl &/or Python scripting (Desirable).
    • Other skills / criteria:
      • Exposure to relevant (large scale) project work and full software development cycle.
      • Knowledge of industry
      • Good analysis and design skills.
      • Excellent team player.
      • Must enjoy working in a high-pressure.
      • Customer contact skills.
  • Java Candidates:
    • Competencies
      • Build/develop solutions
      • Java Technology J2SE, jBoss
      • REST/Json, XML, webservices, JaxB
      • Configuration, Managemente (GIT/STASH, Sonar)
      • Eclipse, IDE
    • Other skills / criteria:
      • Good communications skills
      • Committed to delivery. Customer focus
  • A high level in English is required (B2, C1, C2) and availability to work in Nice.

Territory: Nice (France).

Company description

Fundada en 2009, CMV Consultores es una empresa de Servicios de IT, dedicada fundamentalmente a la selección de profesionales con perfiles técnicos para trabajar en las principales empresas del país. Asimismo ofrece a sus clientes servicios de asesoría y soporte en la implantación de soluciones tecnológicas y desarrollo de aplicaciones.

Su objetivo es aprovechar el profundo conocimiento de sus fundadores, con más de 20 años de experiencia en el mundo de los sistemas de información, para conseguir seleccionar a los mejores candidatos en las distintas ramas de las tecnologías de información.

Actualmente, CMV Consultores tiene oficina tanto en Madrid como en Málaga, aunque los servicios ofrecidos cubren la totalidad de España. También ofrece la posibilidad de trabajar en proyectos internacionales.

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